Cloud Video Mixing

The Multix Cloud Video Mixing is a custom layout service Radio Stations and Creatively used by many industry’s leading broadcasters, commercial and public radio stations and video production companies all around the world. For all your high quality, visual radio experience Multix is your ultimate solution with the affordable price.

Multix server side we provide the options to customer to mix and master the file which excludes you to have any mixing software and hardware.  Using our software, we can assist you from start to finish with the HD Quality.

Our engineering team understands your music videos in all level and capacity and help you to bring out the sound which pleases your audience with the true vision and high quality.  We transform your music with the exciting audio quality that includes everything you need to go live.

The abilities in for video mixing are:

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  • Multiple video feeds input
  • Image overlays
  • PIP
  • Transaction affects
  • Automation by schedule
  • RSS sources for scroll bar (news, weather etc.)


Output to Multix Private CDN for distribution or any other CDN like fakebook, youtube ..

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