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Global Privet CDN & Multi CDN

Multix CDN is based on top cutting edge high availability Data Centers  with global coverage . the CDN supports multiple protocols and lately we implement low latency solution (HLS CMAF) and WS technology .

Live Transcoder

Live 24/7  Transcodign service for liner live channels or for events, need special Attention.
let Multix to handle your stream and pack it in the best way for fast and flow streaming. we know transcoding, you can save money and in parallel provide great experience to your end users.

File Transcoding

If you looking for cross platform VOD support you need to Transcode with the best. Multix Transcodding is based on video Scene, will save for you big money for storage and delivery. with very simple api you can start to work in minutes .
Our DevOps will support and help you to implement our transcoder with any kind of CMS 


Cloud TV Playout Engine

 Multix Cloud Playout Solution will provide you a robust Virtual Live Linear 24/7 channel that can build from your existing VOD content. the Multix Playout Engine is very simple to use and configure, you can choose from one of the Playout packages, basic that include only  the Engine and work by  API or Engine + Scheduler.  

Cloud Radio Automation

Multix providing Cloud Auto DJ solution to many customer that want to run virtual 24/7  Radio stations or linear music channels . the solution provide you full radio automation that including advertising scheduleer, jingle and special playlists builder by scheduling or playlist whight. including the option to start real live programs from remote encoder as source .

Audio & Music Fingerprint System

The services include our world-class Audio Fingerprinting and Query by Humming algorithms, which we are constantly striving to revise, update and improve. we patented are ready to boost your business!

We provide a full suite of API & SDK to enable robust, scalable and flexible integrations. You can not only use SDK & API to receive recognition results, but also control everything on the platform via RESTful API.


Multi CDN Manager & Statistics

Using multiple CDN providers? you should work with Multix Multi CDN solution. 
now its easy to manage, load balance, failover between multiple CDN’s and also have the real statistics in one place. 

Cloud Stream Monitoring

TSGuard by Multix Technologies is the most powerful & reliability online stream monitoring tool that will give you peaceful mind while you sleeping. The TSGuard system build from multiple probs in multiple regions that will monitored HLS ,RTMP , MPD ,RTSP streams. 
the system takes snapshot from your normal stream status and compare any raw change in stream include volume , bitrates, frame rates and format. 
The TSGuard can monitor Video or Audio only Streams.
TSGuard is must have tool for any OTT operator !

OTT Content Management System

Outstanding CMS infrastructure that include powerful API will give you the ability to implement your content with Multix files trransccoding, playlist and and each custom request 

Channels Content Packs

Need Unique Content for your OTT?
over the years we build our TV and Radio Network with various of channels and thousnds of hours of content and serieses.
contact us to get our new catalouge.

Special TransMuxing Solution

We providing Transmuxing from any kind and any of video or audio format to any other kind and with multiple sources with hot swap technology.

DVB-S to IP Downlink Service

Multix provides Satellite Downlink service for the OTT industry in middle east and Europe , we suggest our customer to have the AIO package that including – Downlink , Trans-Muxing , Tans-Coding  and CDN Delivery . 

Contact today and ask us if we can receive your channel in our MCR


Some Numbers

Live Channels

On Demand Contents

Daily Sessions

Premium for Everyone

We believe that human service is most important, so in Multix you will have same service level if you are small, mid or large size client.
our brilliant team support 24/7 to have success with your projects.

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