Bonded Cellular Links

Multix Bonded Cellular Uplink Solution with Maximum Reliability for Live TV Contribution, Newsgathering, and Sports with more affordable cost for webcasting and broadcasting. We help you to widen your live coverage for your viewers around the globe.

We understand your problem of connectivity and address all demands for full HD or SD quality, resiliency, availability, mobility with 100% ensured uptime with unbreakable transmission.

Our Service is to equip our clients with Comprehensive 3G/4G LTE USB modem support. Embedded SIM slots and Wi-Fi-powered WANs and All our internet access device models support 3G bonding, 4G bonding and LTE bonding with some models also including Wi-Fi and wired Internet WAN ports.

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  • Seamless Connectivity and & High Reliability over Any Connection
  • High-Bandwidth Remote Connections in any regions
  • Stable Video / Audio Broadcasting even from the remote places, you will be able to stream large amounts of data by just connecting a video encoder to the field bonding unit
  • Security Cameras view from
  • Critical Control and monitoring systems
  • Cars busses
  • Police Ambulance


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  • Wan Load balancing
  • Wan Bonding Calculated Bandwidth of all wan connection by 1 secure tunnel
  • 100% Internet or P2P connectivity by combing multiple ISP`s
  • 256 Bit Secure connection


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